located in Henderson & Las Vegas,NV


  • Did you know? 
  • I was a concert promoter/event planner/ band manager/concierge/ and in sales for 20 + years?! Yes, it's true! And I loved every minute of it!
  •   I even went to school for communications and business of music and technology aka sound recording.
  •   I’ve done radio and had a commercial and a even hosted a small local live television show.
  •  I know crazy huh and to think all this started happening around age 9..
  •  I've done a lot, been through a lot and am always continuing to learn a lot
  •  I and contrary to belief I still don't have it all figured out, 
  •  but I sure do have this energy healing down! 
  • Who would have thought the reason why I was addicted to "show" energy is because I could feel energy,?!
  •  I knew then that I could feel it but I just didn’t understand the magnitude way back then... 

  •  Did you know?
  • I do most of my sessions as distant sessions?! 
  •  Yes, it's true. 
  •  I've brought light into the city of sin! 
  •  But also, light into many other states and countries.
  •  I’ve helped people in almost all 50 states now and many countries around the world!
  •  So many of us have crazy busy schedules let alone live in different time zones, it's definitely convenient to get a session done this way! 
  •  Since energy can be felt across the world at any given time this just makes everything so much more convenient for us all. 
  • With a simple accepted intention anything is possible. 

Team Building and Office Stress Relief



  • That I offer group events?
  • This is what I love most!
  • Getting together with friends, family
  • coworkers and having a positive space to release all the things that aren't benefiting us! 
  • This is where the magic happens not like in fairy dust, 
  • But real heart felt happiness magic!
  • Group events filled with a mediation, singing bowls crystal and Tibetan. a little breath work and maybe reiki or a card reading even astrology etc.
  • My point is the fun starts when you invite others.
  • Don't worry about the details we can customize your event to fit your needs even if it's for a child’s birthday party! 
  • That's right sound healing is great for the kids! -My son loves listening to the bowls and it helps get rid of all that extra energy! (MIRACLES it even helps them stop crying)

Even when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired there is hope!



· Is to help you live your best life by releasing the emotions and situations and life patterns that cause havoc in your daily life.

· I want nothing more than every single person to know how valued and loved you really are!

· Life can be hard, but I have found ways to make it easy and ways to change the type of things we experience in our lives. You're not cursed!

· Well you may have been but with an energy session we can release it from your life!

· You DESERVE to be happy and healthy!

· You might find me when you think you can't continue to go on...

· Know that you've found me at the perfect time as you will not be going on living the way you have.

· The answer, the solution is releasing that energy right now!

· It's time for a new life! Your best life!

· Note: If your life is great an energy session will increase that feeling and all the benefits of a happy life that come with it!

· I am a clear conduit of energy and of light.

· I have all abilities 

(I'm not talking magic, I'm talking real life energetic tools I've aquired from countless trainings,and certified education, along 

with personal experience)

· I gained them through a hard-early life.

· However, with lots of education those abilities gave me a new beautiful life and even more abilities from Reiki Attunements.( psss fyi) you have all abilities too, it's about releasing the false beliefs we create in order to survive times of pain suffering and traumatic experiences.

· That's right we create these protecting walls that lay dormant and then years later if not released cause illness’ that seem like the end of the world.

· I’m here to say even at the end of the world life exists and that's when we start living. I am proof of that.

· I'm here to give you tools to use so you can go back in time heal yourself become whole and live as your purest real self so you can live your best life!

· Think LEGO MOVIE 2 HEHE Everything is great up here! 

·  When you rise above the ego and let the why go.

That's when the magic happens!

· - I can't wait to speak with you!

· -Michelle

Energy Healing & Naturally based pampering for the win!


When I didn't understand what my body was trying to say..


I had to heal myself from the inside out. 

On all layers mentally, physically, emotionally,spiritually.

But once I did life became fun again!

No matter where you are in life you have the choice to RISE UP!

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and even though this photo is painful the one next to it is a reminder that no matter how close to death you're if you have will left there's a way!

I had 40+ symptoms and several "Permanent illness" the Dr's gave me hundreds of medications that didn't work.

I lost the ability to speak because I was so lethargic, I could barely move and my face was cracked and bleeding.

One day I was fine and the next I found myself struggling to live.

You don't have to of had an experience or anything like I did in order for

Reiki to help. Reiki is the Universal life force energy that heals and improves

no matter how big or small the issues are.

Every illness or pain we experience is from a suppressed emotion.

I am here to help you release those emotions without having to relieve them.